Dwarf Driving

So… Being short, I’m often asked how I drive a car.  Several people have asked if I drive standing up.  Well, that’s not the way I’m supposed to go about it, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Typically, I stick with pedal extensions.  Those are pretty much just longer pedals attached to the existing pedals.  All I have to do is set them to whatever size works best for me.  Back to the subject of ‘desperate measures.’  In some cases, the pedals become loose and fall off.  I can’t really pull the emergency brake and stop in the middle of the road, so when this happens I have to let the seat back, stand up and from there try to pull over to a safe spot.  There are also occasions where the extension pedals, while still attached to the regular pedals, get pushed down and won’t come back up.  In these instances, I can usually kick them back up to the proper position and all is well.

The next issue is the car’s hood.  If it’s a car with a hood that slopes down far enough, I can see without any problem.  If it doesn’t have the right hood, I can’t see.  In that scenario, I have to sit on a pillow.  Some people have told me that I should use a booster seat, but those are uncomfortable and my butt’s too big for one.

Another issue is the steering wheel.  If it’s not set low enough, I can’t see over it.  If it’s not high enough, my legs can’t move.

That’s really all there is to it.  All-in-all, it’s not too bad.  Uncomfortable, but not too bad.  The pedals can be absolutely terrifying, but as long as I check them regularly, it’s all good.

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Hi there! You can call me Kasey. I'm just a 20-something weirdo finishing up college and looking for something to do with my life. Some of my biggest passions are writing and photography. Hopefully you'll enjoy my work. http://imlittlekasey.deviantart.com/ https://twitter.com/ImLilKasey https://www.youtube.com/ImLittleKasey
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